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NBC Today Show Appearance: Tips to help reach financial success in 2023

The new year offers a fresh start for people looking to put a new focus on their finances. NBC’s senior consumer investigative correspondent Vicky Nguyen reports with money moves to consider going into 2023 and features some great tips from Cathy Pareto.

Google Hangout on Retirement Planning

Do you have questions about planning for retirement? Check out this Google Hangout to hear what our panel has to say about the disciplines needed to help achieve a secure retirement, the biggest obstacles in retiring, and more. Moderators: Kristin Arnold, Social Content Manager at Ally Bank Janet Reusch, Social Marketing Community Manager for Panel: Greg McBride, CFA, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Analyst for Cathy Pareto, CFP, Founder and President of Cathy Pareto & Associates, Inc., Investment Management and Financial Planning

What Should Investors Do Now?

Dimensional Fund Advisors has developed a great presentation on the markets and investing. Check out their multi-part series on what investors should consider as they move forward. The videos include an examination of capital markets, the effects of recession and government policy on stock prices, how the current market stacks up to previous downturns, and the reasons why Dimensional’s core beliefs have not changed in light of these events.

Following a fiduciary standard is entirely different than how most so-called “financial advisors” work today. More than 90 percent of financial advisors are paid (fully or partially) by commissions; this means that they have incentives to promote products and services that maximize their income. Also, these other advisors often work for large financial services firms, known as Broker-Dealers. The loyalty of these advisors is to their employer, not their client.

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eHow Video Series - Investment Facts

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What Are the Basics of Investing?

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